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® Registered trademark of The Bank of Nova Scotia.

Scotiabank is pleased to support the activation of Lightspark’s Energy Efficiency Concierge platform which will help homeowners shift from thinking to acting on home carbon reduction. "We believe Lightspark’s innovative platform will make it easier for homeowners to understand and navigate the home retrofit market and reduce their emissions, while generating enhanced data for consumers, financial institutions, cities and utilities as they transition towards net zero."

John Webster, Head, Real Estate Secured Lending & Scotia Mortgage Authority, Scotiabank

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"Alberta Ecotrust is excited to launch the first large-scale energy labelling initiative for homes in Canada. This pilot makes Alberta a leader in home energy labelling by moving away from individual homeowners manually having to acquire a home energy audit, to automatically generating universal labels for every home in Calgary and Edmonton."

Mike Mellross, Program Director, Alberta Ecotrust Foundation

Alberta Real Estate

"We’ve heard from our stakeholders that learning about and leading on home energy efficiency is critical for real estate professionals and consumers as the effects of climate change are being felt more readily. This pilot drives the transformational and long-term change we were looking for through our one-time legacy grant program, especially with the power to scale to other municipalities. We are honoured to support REALTORS®️ and the larger real estate industry to lead the country in digital home energy labelling."

Patti Morris, Executive Director, Alberta Real Estate Foundation

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